Autistic Alex

Blogging about neurodiversity, psychology and autism research.


Introducing me!

Hi, I’m Alex. As you have probably deduced, I’m autistic, I’m called Alex and this is my blog.  I have a lot of thoughts regarding various theories about autistic people, and this is intended to be a space for me to blog about them. I’m also a massive fandom geek, and a psychology student (First year, University of London), so this blog will likely branch off into those topic at times, including more personal stuff.

I was pretty late diagnosed, at 18, as I slipped through the cracks as a child, despite being sent to multiple psychologists.

I believe in identity first language, neurodiversity, and the social model of disability, so I will use “A/autistic person” and “disabled person” as my default for the autistic and disabled communities as a whole, and whatever is the preference of a specific group or person if referring specifically to them. I’m English and London based, but most of my contact with the autistic community has been with the american parts, so I tend to use disablism (the UK standard term for discrimination against disabled people) and ableism (the US standard) interchangeably online.

I aim towards intersectional feminism, and cross-disability rights activism, so do feel free to tell me if I fall short, I won’t take offense and will probably try to change things.

That’s about all I think, so welcome to my blog 🙂